Comment: SERVICE + HEART, RobHino nailed it, that's

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SERVICE + HEART, RobHino nailed it, that's

RobHino nailed it, that's exactly what we did in Texas, became of service to the Convention officials and fellow delegates, offering our assistance free o' charge anywhere we could even imagine it was needed -- especially during the committee business -- and simply speaking from the gut... and most importantly, from the heart.

I would say that rather than focus on slogans or taglines that mention the goldman sachs' candidate by name, keep the focus right on DR. PAUL, as he IS the FRONTRUNNER, and we have the opportunity to keep reminding people of that, people are smartening up. Merge this with a hearty dose of "NObama!"


* Paul gets it ALL

* Dr. Freedom

* The DOCTOR is IN to SAVE THIS COUNTRY (from Fake Conservatives & Obama)

* Emergency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue -- THE DOCTOR'S IN THE HOUSE


these may be throwaway examples, but you catch my drift. Brainstorm this way.