Comment: Jon Ronson has such naivety.

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Jon Ronson has such naivety.

Jon Ronson has such naivety. i think Jon Ronson is myopic, unable to see things around him without physically seeing them. i was thinking the same thing when Alex Jones announced in the video of Bohemian Grove that some occult experts believed they were murdering someone. it was dark, and i guess the real action was taking place behind curtains, so you couldn't see it anyways. but the movie is so dark spiritually... do any of you feel dark spirits getting back to you whil you watch the documentary Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove. it is not so uncommon to have extra sensory perception, you know. i don't mean to make this comment seem more along the lines George Norry's Coast to Coast, but i mean the ritualistic murder seems so blatantly obvious in that documentary even though you have no video evidence that the ritualistic murder is taking place, besides the video itself. Have any of you guys been around these lower level illuminatti people like Bill Gates? i have just had to keep my mouth shut and these people are so f***ing demonic, like an anvil is chillingly crushing your soul.