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Seriously, it's been verified. Please stop

(unintentionally, I will assume) spreading more paranoia.

We do not have enough delegates to win Ron Paul the nomination. We would, however, still like to get his name placed into nomination. 300 delegates are those people who would be eligible to vote for Ron Paul if he were a nominee.

Yes, we will have many, many more delegates there who support Ron Paul, but per RNC rules, they have to vote for Mitt Romney in the first round of voting. Just like Santorum delegates have to vote for Santorum (even though he's not in the race any longer), and Newt delegates have to vote for Newt. If Romney didn't reach the magic nomiation # by some chance in that first round, then the delegates would become unbound and could vote for whomever they chose. That isn't likely going to happen (unless there is some unforseen "miracle" that pops up).

We still need delegates there though. We want Ron Paul to hopefully at least be placed into nomination (even though he likely won't be elected), because if he is placed into nomination, he gets a speaking spot. We want him to have a speaking spot. That's prime time for reaching millions more Americans who have never heard his message before.

I'm not lying. I'm not being negative. I am simply stating exactly what has come from the campaign themselves since before the state convention in Iowa. I am an Iowa delegate, and yes, this is accurate information (despite what people want to speculate). We got the exact same email, from verified Ron Paul campaign workers (whom we have been working side-by-side with since 2008) with the exact same information. We were told to keep it quiet for the very reason that people would lose their fight and will to keep going, and all of the paranoid skeptism you see posted throughout this thread.

Don't get discouraged. We are fighting the good fight, and it isn't over.