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Comment: They have made 911 into another

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They have made 911 into another

left right paradigm. Look how they used it against Debra Medina when she ran for Governer in Texas. A majority still belive the corporate Rothschild MSM and Rothschild puppet federal government lies and the other part know the truth from the evidence, inside job. Hence a left right paradigm, instead of atacking the evidence of 911 it becomes a contest of two groups like some horse race, or a basket ball game the fans can arm char quarterback and cheer for their side and boo the other.

I think alot of people can agree 911 was mass murder that was not investigated very well with many facts withheld from the public.
We need to have a honest investigation and prosicution of the real criminals. The ones who knew in advance. The ones who made anouncements before the event even occured in the MSM would be a good start, oh and the one who orders to PULL THE BUILDING.