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It is on the front page because I put it there

I put it there because the movement needs to wake up to reality and start moving beyond a single individual to embrace the idea of Liberty in general. The fight for Liberty is larger than one man.

Like I said below, what I love about Ron Paul supporters is our persistence. But at some point, persistence becomes stubbornness, and then moves into the realm of delusion. Ron Paul has already stated firmly that he won't run 3rd party.

Did you read the email that Ron sent out?

Maybe you don't think that is quitting, but I think it is a loud and clear signal that he's not trying for the nomination. And if he's not trying, then it is time for me to move on.

I don't know what the point of waiting until August would be. From the sounds of Ron Paul on Cavuto, he's not even fighting to get the speaking spot at the RNC that he deserves. To wait until August would only be to prolong the illusion that many of us have been living under since operation Cold Water back in mid May.

I understand people were annoyed by the GJ posts in the last few months, but some here woke up to the illusion that the Ron Paul campaign was over earlier than others.

Nobody likes a rude awakening, but going back to May, I think Ron Paul and his campaign has been trying to wake us as gently as possible.

He's the man.