Comment: This is a Big Issue

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This is a Big Issue

All the textbooks written since Carnegie got into them are written from the bankster's NWO perspective. I have a collection of history books through the ages, and the international viewpoint is steeped in them.

The last 100 years needs to be retaught to reflect reality of what actually happened. The only books I know to do this are the Uncle Eric books by Richard Maybury. WW1 and WW2 taught me a lot, and his economic books are the only ones I know that break down the Fed for kids.

But then you also need to teach your kids how to discuss these things in social settings as to not get your family totally flagged. I tell my oldest to exercise discretion and caution in who and how far she talks about the NWO. She did tell her Sunday School teacher about the Bilderberg group. I know a lot in my homeschool circle who are not awake and if you flood them with this, they'll freak. Breadcrumbs of truth are effective to lead them to the whole shebang, I think. Find out what someone's area of interest is, and go from there.