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My county placed third in the state for Ron Paul support and my district first, so I didn't do too bad as a volunteer campaign leader. Still Romney won.

Even though I was listed as a delegate by Ron Paul's campaign, because Romney won, fair and square, his delegates will be in Tampa.

Because I took an Oath to the GOP, I intend to uphold, I will be supporting Romney over Obama, if Ron Paul does not win the nomination, like Rand.

I don't believe any Ron Paul Republicans are "traitors", after all, this rEVOLution was never about Ron Paul, but about his message, and with my seat, I will be able to at least get that message on the table and vote as Ron Paul would.

Ron Paul Republicans are the future. We are the heirs to his message and his method, the rest, those who never joined the GOP, those who vote to Indy, and third party (losing positions), are not the heirs to Ron Paul's message, they left the good fight, or never actually got the message, just enjoyed the fray.

Enjoy yours.