Comment: Self-preservation in action

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Self-preservation in action

I can't blame your father if that is his reason for supporting Romney over Obama. Money means things like security and food on the table, especially to someone who has had to support his family. He feels more threatened by Obama than he does by Romney. I cannot and will not blame him.

To help him understand your stance, you can bring up how in your experience, you are screwed no matter if Romney or Obama get the ballot. Once the US invades Iran, World War 3 will likely start, and you will likely be drafted and sent into the front lines will you may die a horrible death. Financially, you are being prevented from being able to earn and keep as much money as your father, thanks to being screwed by both corrupt parties. You have your whole future ahead of you, and neither Obama or Romney will rule in such a way that your life will be better. Your situation is different from your father's, thanks your father having had a head start getting a living before monetary policies got too bad. For you, it is pointless to try and choose between two men who would gladly draft you to serve in their wars, and prevent you from becoming financially independent.

Right now, the best thing to tell your father besides how neither Romney nor Obama would make your life better is to emphasize your support of Ron Paul and the liberty movement's cause, because the liberty movement will help with your father's taxes, as well as with inflation and your father's ability to earn and keep money. The liberty movement will serve every honest person, allowing your father to keep more of what he had rightly earned, and protect you from being killed in Iran (or whatever suits your position best), and if both you and he support the liberty movement, more politicians will have to adopt it, including Romney. You can emphasize that Ron Paul still has a chance to become the nominee, though that likelihood is small, and that your support of him is right and good.

That's the best I can recommend. Tell him how you are personally screwed by the policies, or likely will be screwed, and emphasize that by supporting the liberty movement *right* *now* (November's too far away to focus on right now) you are doing what is in both his and your own best interests.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine