Comment: To the Youth of America

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To the Youth of America

Brain washing our children to “go green” to save the planet, installing smart meters, reducing the carbon footprint, re-setting our lifestyles to pre-industrial age, driving dangerous tin cans, expensive electric cars that must be re-charged with electricity generated by coal or oil, living a miserable life while the elites continue polluting shamelessly is just a con. Humans are not responsible for climate change; nobody can definitively say and scientifically prove that it is so. Climate changes everywhere as part of the earth’s cycle, in response to solar flares, and volcanic eruptions on land and in water, to name just a few variables.

A teenager tried to sell me a pair of tennis shoes on the virtues that they biodegrade in the landfill and that should make me feel better for purchasing them. I see this type of indoctrination of our youth into the religion of Gaia all the time. It is our government and our school system who have brainwashed everyone into going green

Keepin' it real.