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So what you were saying is,

So what you were saying is, this fake e-mail went out yesterday...and then hours later, Ron Paul went on national TV LIVE...knowing that this e-mail went out in his name under false pretenses...and DID NOT ADDRESS IT?

So you think he is a bigger fucking idiot than you are?

I am honestly that it has been confirmed that he e-mail was real, do you have the integrity to admit you were wrong?

Nahhhh...I didn't think so. I knew you didn't have any integrity. I figured you for a little bitch all along, and I was right.

As for your hilarious final the PAST...with several more states left to choose delegates, he had to give a wider range for what he expected to have. But now with pretty much all states chosen, he was able to give a more specific number...and lo and behold, if fell right in between that number!