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Logan Act criminals

All those Americans who meet behind closed doors and decide our future are not elected, or selected to do so. Those Bilderberg Group meetings on our soil (Virginia) are treasonous. They meet before our election for President. Do ya think they decide and not us by vote?

They should all go to jail and be fined as by law under the Logan Act. This includes Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller. Rockefeller even admitted to wanting a world order government. That is his goal not the the people of the United States.

X-President Bush admitted to wanting the Americas Union which would be a combination of all North and South America combined as a trade and government union at a the 10th Anniversary of NAFTA dinner on CSPAN. Isn't this treason and why isn't he in jail?

The American elite and politicians who attend those behind closed doors meetings violate our Constitution. They don't allow us to know what and why etc. Those seeking power join them since that is where the power and money is today. By ignoring their lawlessness and arrogance we allow them power over us.