Comment: Message to Ron Paul

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Message to Ron Paul

Lead. Follow. or get the HE double hockey sticks out of the way.

Ron. You are just a messenger. Don't try to be who you are not.

Let your true volunteers run this campaign for you for free. You do not need a national campaign.

It sound like a Ron Paul traitor was in charge in Nebraska. Controlled opposition we call them. People planted, who say they are Ron Paul, con the leadership (National Campaign) to run the state. Then at the last minute cut the throat of the whole Nebraska Ron Paul movement.

Point. Harder to control district conventions got some Ron Delegates. Easy to control single state convention gives electronic vote, no slate offered at all, other room secret counting, and supposedly a trusted campaign Ron Paul "leader" there to witness the count.

There are traitors in your midst Ron Paul, and you picked them.

All, I can say is that you act like your family has been threatened, by the PTB. If so, let it go, and let the millions of Your supporters do their job. Better to do nothing, then the damage you are creating with these milk toast recent messages.

You will know them by their fruits, the Bible says. Trust is earned. As President, I hope you pick better people, or not at all, and just do everything yourself. We trust you, not the people around you.