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Comment: Be careful not to put children in the middle

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Be careful not to put children in the middle

Please don't burden children with adult issues. Keep things age appropriate. For younger children, if you have a problem with curriculum, 1) get it changed; 2) put children in private school; or 3) home-school. It is unhealthy for children to have their teachers and parents telling them different things, let alone to feel that their teachers and parents are pitted against each other. It's confusing and will cause them to feel insecure, when children need a sense of security in order to thrive - academically and otherwise (It's one reason why children of divorce deal with so many issues!) P.S. These days, if I couldn't afford a private school, I'd home-school before putting my children in public school - especially in younger grades when children are most impressionable.

At the secondary level, it's different. If the case, children can be told there are different schools of thought and the curriculum is biased. Parents can educate themselves and teach their children the differences between the two systems. For school reports, book reports, current events assignments, etc., parents can help children choose topics (or extra-curricular reading) to help children learn things for themselves. But I'd STILL be careful not to criticize their teachers, unless the teacher is legitimately responsible; most have no control over textbooks, and in some schools a department head might even have a say in certain required assignments.

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