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Comment: This is simply not true

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This is simply not true

Ron Paul has put out numerous EMails in which he has publically conceded the election, and more importantly has also disavowed any interest in having his name placed into Nomination (regardless of what his supporters hope for).

So even if Ron Paul had a plurarity in 10 States, all indications are that Ron Paul would himself choose to be the graceful loser, and allow Mitt Romney to be Coronated without controversy, and without ever presenting himself as a competitor.

The truth is that he simply never wanted to actually be President.

He just wants to give speeches to College-kids, sell books, go on a few Financial-talk-shows and lament the Federal Reserve, and hope to get other people interested in those issues. But the truth is, he never once faced-down Mitt Romney and really tried to take him down -- unlike his approach with Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and Bachmann and Perry. He never wanted to bring down Romney.

I think Ron Paul always really wanted Romney to be the Nominee. That is the only thing that can explain: a) why he Campaigned so aggressively against all the other GOP opponents, and b) why he ran such a lame, aimless, NON-campaign against Mitt Romney (never challenging him), and then immediately shut-down everything three-months ago at the peak of his popularity, and finally c) why his son was so at peace with endorsing his father's opponent -- that he did it very early, and long before the Tampa Convention.

Do the math here guys. It's time to think about putting all this energy behind Gary Johnson. He is out there, and still Campaigning for real. And he won't shrink and duck-away-from from taking-on Mitt Romney.