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Reason for loss?

First read Rob's comment below.

The reason why NE lost wasn't because Paul delegate's didn't show up. They did, and as said below they were outnumbered.

Once again the NE governor desperately needed a Mitt Romney delegation in Tampa and once the media began to work this story into the chattering classes he started to work overtime to convince possible groups that could have been swayed to vote for the Paul delegates (tea party groups, other anti-establishment groups), to vote for the Romney slate. The NE-RLC was offered a chance to make a Paul slate on the voting sheet, but since they didn't have a clear majority that would have turned off the possible groups they were trying to coalition with in the first place.

With that said, I am looking forward to working in the party to continue the fight for liberty in the future. Our revolution is more than a 15 min Paul speech in Tampa.