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The truth can set you free

But only if you know where to look. The message of JC has been misunderstood for centuries.

His real message is exactly the same as Buddha's.

The truth is within.

When he says he's the light of the world and no one can see the Father except through him, what he's referring to is his "enlightenment". No one can see heaven or God without being enlightened. To follow Jesus is to do what he did, become enlightened yourself.

Once you see the truth, you realize you're not who you think you are. The self falls away and you realize you are the One. We all are the One. That's what sets you free. Freedom from suffering which is fear, anger, clinging, worry, jealousy, etc. When there is no self, there's no one to suffer. That is the only way to enter into heaven.

Buddha taught ways to become enlightened through meditation. Jesus taught through prayer. When the mind finally gets it, enlightenment happens all by itself and it's a life altering experience.

There's only this one truth and all religions point to it.