Comment: something to remember!

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something to remember!

1 of 3 things have happened in my opion.

1. ron paul has been threatened ...him...his family or something.

2. they threatened that his supporters could be hurt...arrested under NDAA and detained as terrorist under the many of "their" definitions of a domestic terrorist! (in tampa)

3. is that ron paul doesnt want to actually become president but just thought he needed to wake up the nation and start a movement to bring about change...even if he made nominee and potus...he would be in more danger being under the protection of the ones he has exposed and caused trouble for...this would really jepordize his and familes safety.

i want to add this and this is unlikely..they might of said made your point...what do you want?? what can we do to get you and your supporters off our back...and ron paul knowing that he can get a few things now like audit the fed and this will all snowball and become bigger than anyone expected. like rand endorsing romney to "play nice" but gets right in there and pushed audit and other bills.

in my opinion he is a messanger ...and he did his job ...he did what he felt he had to do for his country short of coming potus ...where he would have a hard time getting anything done at this time knowing it is a controlled potition...he expects us to carry on his message and the revolution...tho im afraid the peaceful type will come to an end soon!

or i could be completly wrong and ron paul has a whopper up his sleeve!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!