Comment: Nebraska delegate here also

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Nebraska delegate here also

The thing was..not all the national delegate candidates below their box where Ron Paul supporters. There where many down below that where known Romney supporters. They just where not "chosen"

Usually the chosen ones and when I say chosen ones, I mean chosen by the GOP to be on their slate for national delegates or hold elected offices(be endorsed by the party). To be chosen you usually have had to pay your dues by carrying the water for the GOP over the years. Basically following their marching orders, push their candidates and agendas, volunteer, give money etc etc.

Now what I found VERY interesting was one of their chosen candidates this time around was the county chairman from my county that has not been involved in the party very long and even the short time she has been our county chairman..the past chairman has still been the front person. But she carried allot of water for the GOP this year when she totally threw the NE GOP rules out the window along with Roberts rules of order and disenfranchised the delegates at our county convention. Her reward..straight to the head of the line. She was on the Romney slate that is going to Tampa. I guess the price she paid was her integrity.