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This has always been the case

We just see it now because we are educated and see what is going on. My mom recalls years ago in W.Va. on election day seeing boxes of money, cigarettes, and liquor used by her in laws to buy votes (they were active in Democratic county politics). There has always been fraud, cheating. This is what the political class EXCELS at, this is what politics IS.
Time to start thinking beyond politics and political leaders. When they won't even allow the tiny concession of adhering to the constitution, which is itself anti-liberty, they are telling us that we are now in the uncharted territory of lawlessness. We are seeing that the worst has risen to the top, now the Supreme Law of the Land is Might Makes Right.
This will not change until the people who help the political class keep the strong arm on us wake up. The rank and file military need to wake up and see that the "freedoms" they are "protecting" blowing up kids in the Middle East are being stripped away back home, the pilots who are spraying poisons over their own country need to see that they are helping hurt their countrymen, the cops who are doing random check points, the TSA goons who are molesting people, the bureaucrats who are bullying people need to see that they are nothing but useful idiots to the Powers that be.