Comment: Get your facts straight before commenting, please!

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Get your facts straight before commenting, please!

The five-state plurality is NOT 'needed' to nominate Ron Paul for the Office of President.

Had Ron been acknowledged to have a plurality in five states, his name would have AUTOMATICALLY been added onto the ballot. He currently has more than five, but those states where the Delegates are 'bound' to vote for the winner of the Primary in that state are not considered 'Ron Paul Delegates' even though that's who they support and would vote for if given the opportunity.

NOW it will have to be done from the Convention Floor by a Delegate after the Credentials Committee has reported the official Delegate count and Quorum.

And this can be done by ANY Delegate - AS LONG AS THE MICROPHONES ARE ON! We had the problem at the AZ Convention that there were only two mics (instead of six like ususal) and they were only turned on when TPTB saw someone at them that they knew, and everyone else was not 'recognized by the Chair' no matter how loudly they yelled "Point of Order!" or "Point of Information!".

'They' didn't follow the rules forced on us now that we have learned them and have used them successfully!

Buck up! The Fat Lady hasn't even started warming up for the Performance. I think you (and EVERYONE) will be surprised at what's going to happen at the RNC. I have a good idea and am preparing like you wouldn't believe, but take this as a last note:

We will do the best we can with what we have to work with at the time things need to be done. You can't ask any more from us than that.


Ed in Phoenix
Arizona Alternate Delegate

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