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It is just wrong that some of you are gary johnson bashing! Right now, with people like Romeny, Obama, John McCain, and Newt, we need to all get along with all liberty lovers, and that includes Libertarians. We need to join forces with as many parties and as many libertarians as possible. What I mean by this is, we need to support Libertarians, constitution party members (as long as they aren't neo cons) and all republicans like Mike Lee. We are the Liberty movement, not a party (yet), so we need to make sure that as we continue to support Ron Paul all they way to the convention, we don't create enemies with candidates who support liberty, as well as their supporters. We live in dangerous times, and as I do not believe in compromising with the enemy, libertarians and the Libertarian party is not our enemy. Please, in the famous words of a drug induced man who was beaten by police, can't we all just get along?