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I have been thinking, Shazad...

... couldn't a resolution be introduced on the floor in Tampa calling for the unbinding of all delegates? While parliamentary procedure might require a 2/3 vote for passage, that would be easily achieved if the Romney and Paul delegates combined to support the resolution. If that were to happen:

1. Dr. Paul would have his 5 states (with Nevada and Louisiana), without the need to finagle Oklahoma or Colorado.

2. All of the pro-Paul delegates could then vote for Dr. Paul without it being a rule violation. We would be very happy, which could, potentially, result in Gov. Romney being very happy in November. This would particularly be true if it was a known Romney delegate that introduced the "unbinding" resolution, and if Gov. Romney publicly supported the resolution and make it clear that he wanted his delegates to vote for it.

What do you think, Shazad? A clean, simple win/win solution? Thanks.

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