Comment: My guess is yes

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My guess is yes

I am completely confident that all 41 delegates from MA will vote for Romney at the convention. I think it's possible for these delegates to convince the MA GOP that they aren't going to cause trouble at the convention and that they will follow state rules. They were operating off of some poor legal advice. It sounds like almost all have, at this point, agreed to follow the rules. I imagine they can put enough pressure on the decision makers that they can get the decision reversed.

People here should realize that the incessant encouragement for delegates to break binding rules or to pretend they will support Romney then not do it only hurts these and other delegates. That is one of the drivers of this problem, and it is definitely not only the MA GOP at fault. They would have been much, much more likely to take these delegates at their word if not for the continual chatter online about ignoring binding rules.

I hope that those who are going to follow the rules get reinstated. I hope those who are going to continue to fight about the requirement to vote for Romney or who are going to continue to pretend that there are no such things as binding rules get replaced.