Comment: I Don't Care How You Figure It, I Don't Trust The GOP To Play

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I Don't Care How You Figure It, I Don't Trust The GOP To Play

fair with what you believe to be a sufficient number of states (Plurality of 5)...The "efing" GOP still has the final say and they can turn anything they want into what will benefit 'The Romulan'.

Do you honestly believe that snake in the grass Benton and his trusted boot lickers and the GOP will allow Ron Paul to be nominated. This would send MEGA, MEGA shock waves throughout the political world and this will surely embarrass Romney and the GOP collectively. They can't and will not tolerate anyone like Ron Paul to spoil their parade into the hell of controlled politics..

For weeks now, the media and the Romulan camp have been acting like the RNC is just going to "RUBBER STAMP" 'The Romulan', who was selected or better yet, hand picked by the 'Global Elite Money Eyed Banksters"

Please believe me that I wish this were not true as I love Ron Paul and all you guys for all the hard work you have done for the cause of liberty. But, I have been disappointed to many times to take the word of anyone until I see it for myself.

Further, Ron paul allegedly has thrown in the towel, not expecting to win the nomination and with reference to that disgusting email that the campaign but out, they don't want us to make any waves in Tampa. Just what the hell do they mean exactly by making waves. They don't even have the guts to spell it out. I guess WE should just assume what the campaign led by Jesse, "The Idiot Brother In Law" means by that ambiguous term.. - MAKING WAVES - "

Again, just my $.02 cents..