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It was what it was

Below copied from the pen of gopper:

Crying about these 'voting machines' is bullshit. They were scantrons that read paper ballots with multiple people watching them at all times. Whenever something goes our way, we can't cry fraud just because we may have seen it happen somewhere else. In this case, the other side put more butts in seats, plain and simple. If you don't like it and want to do something about it, don't go cry to some lawyer, move your asses to Nebraska.

The problem was three fold.

1, As gopper so eloquently posted above. We were OUTNUMBERED. We did have more grassroots 'butts' BY FAR! Way to go District 2 and the other districts who were so heavily outnumbered even at county level conventions!! Think every RNC 'butt' who held even the lowest position in the party, registered and came out to vote for this convention. [no grassroots to speak of]

2. Shock when voting began when given a ballot that had the slate separated. Romney at the top, all nice, neat, clearly marked, normal spacing between names and not many names Each seated row of Romney people had a 'Whip' [as one who was, put it] to help the elderly in filling out the ballots. Liberty slate was many spaces below, MANY, many more delegate names which under the separation of slates with large spaces between each name putting many on the back of the ballot. It left no guess as far as who was voting for whom. Even the elderly [the majority of RNC there] had a quick, easy time of filling it out. Didn't even require glasses. They were told to just blacken in the ovals of names on the top part of the ballot. We outnumbered them in delegate names who want to go to Tampa by a landslide!. Was this division of names ever done before? I don't think so but I'm not a professional convention goer. Was it legal? None of us knew. I doubt Laura knew of this divided slate. I'm sure she would not have approved it IF she had been asked or told it would be in that format because THAT sealed our fate.
Many thanks to Laura's had work. She was great!

3. We had this problem because of the national spotlight on Nebraska. Too much coverage. The RNC knew it and prepared something new for us. Can only imagine what it took to get all those elderly people out and traveling there. They were organized, did what they had to do given their elderly followers. With the separation of slates, the fact we were 40%, left no room for doubt, we would not be getting more then 40% of the vote. All additional votes would have been from error on their part, if not a separate slate. With that age group, there would have been many 'errors' given the number of names WE WOULD HAVE HAD interspersed with theirs.

Above is the way it was. We could not vote for CHAIR because under NE GOP laws, the chair stays until November. If we had 'help', doubt the possibility of their idea of a 'new format' printing with separation of slates would have come to anyone's mind to ask about to contest before hand. IF it was illegal to do so, would take a political lawyer who, probably would have had to go back to his library to find precedent. IF illegal, then the results can be questioned [after the fact] as readily as before the fact. ........With probably the same result given the fact they could have voted for that format and won by a majority before convention. It took money and time for our delegates to go to convention. All were focused, upbeat and anxious to grab the brass ring. We were in contact with Laura through Cell. The RNC with low tech elderly, had the front of all the seats lined with people holding up large pc. of RED cardboard [vote NO] or large sheets of GREEN [vote YES] in front of the elderly group. Didn't need their glasses for those either. With the division of slates, not much we could do about the delegates either. A question of # of butts again.

The blow of defeat was pretty bad. Have to address yet another 'trick' in the future.

Now, look forward.... toward new gains and successes made more attainable with the knowledge from our past experiences and infiltration into top positions in the party. Work on what we can do about what we have, getting them recognized by the RNC.

God love all of you who went and tried!!!!! THANK YOU DELEGATES...................You put everything you had into it [pat on back and hug]

As stated above, the only thing that would have given us a win, was MORE Husker 'butts'!!!