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Comment: I don't agree

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I don't agree

Ron Paul gave us the keys to the GOP, and too many "fans/ supporters" wanted Ron Paul to FAIL. They REFUSED to join the GOP in hopes he would FAIL and run Indy or third party. They didn't even try to become delegates, and many who did, didn't bother finding out how to be credentialed. They never attended a GOP central committee, caucaus, or town council meeting once. NOT ONCE!!!

Ron Paul offered us the keys to the GOP, and too many didn't even bother to learn how to start the engine, let alone drive it.

I'm sure most folks on the campaign, were so busy facing a FAN CLUB who didn't ask questions, but raved RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL, knowing they were not Republicans.

I've been reading DP for YEARS of people complaining about the campaign not doing this and that, but it is THEY who were not doing their homwork.. It's all this expectation and this idea that one is ENTITLED for pitching change in a money bombs.. Woo hoo your name was on the screen.. oh look YOU contributed,, but you still refused to join the GOP, still refused to go to a meeting, still refused to actually get real.

Ron Paul ROCK STAR: That's what you bought and that's what you Got!

I've said here many times, Ron Paul is MY political leader, and I get, "Well I have no leader." Right. Because that's going to get the rEVOLtuon, Liberty movement, what ever you want to call it where? NO WHERE.

Now you blame Ron Paul and HIS campaign? Forget you. Blame yourself, YOU didn't do the homework. YOU didn't get seated. YOU didn't challange the Neocons, who run cirlces around you, as you sit there and type this tripe.

There are now dozens of "Ron Paul's" seated in offices, running for offices, and seated on committees, and that's WAY ahead of where we were in 07/08/09/10/11 and today.

RP and his campaign did NOT fail. YOU did!