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Key words designed

to convey a meaning he wants accepted by the collective; in this case the idea being identification with the collective as opposed to individuality.

The American spirit is one of self empowerment, individuality, freedom to pursue individual initiative. He is continually encouraging a `collectivist` mode of thinking which is in line with his socialist-communist background, which is intent on power and control of the collective. This is the intent of the NWO international bankers and the elite of the world, to whom I believe he answers, and uses phrases that have meaning to their intent for world power.

Mention a phrase or idea often enough and it gets accepted, such as "only together are we strong", or the word "terrorist" in the case of Bush-Cheney. When first elected Obama wanted every citizen to volunteer, to pledge service to the president, initiated his Obama Youth groups. If you know anything about history his tactics follow the same line as Hitler, encouraging conformity and he also wanted every citizen to train for a "civilian national security force", and it would be "required" or compulsory, according to his adviser Rahm Emanuel. Easy to forget all this over the years, but he is still pushing the collective key words.

Watch the video if you have not already done so.