Comment: Knock it off, will ya?

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Knock it off, will ya?

The American people haven't been through enough pain to see that Ron Paul is right. THIS WAS ALWAYS A LONG SHOT CAMPAIGN--always. Please tell me you knew that. Ron Paul gave it the best he had IMAO. More than you on your keyboard, moaning about nonsense.

I've only been a supporter for almost 2 years total. I really can't believe how well Ron Paul did this time around compared to 2008, WHEN I WAS A ROMNEY SUPPORTER. That's right, I would never have voted for Ron Paul a mere few years ago. Maybe I should retroactively blame the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign for my 2008 views while we're at it, huh??

Sorry for the all-caps, but seriously, this is a movement, not just a campaign. Give it a rest already.