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Comment: When You See The Money

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When You See The Money

Back in the day, I worked for a used car lot, and we had a guy...believe it or not...named Bubba who used to brag about how many cars he sold everyday - there was one coming back with his momma, another had to call his bank, someone else had to go get their trade, etc.

The point is this - Bubba didn't know the number one rule of selling: it's not a sale until you see the money and the tail lights leaving the parking lot.

We've all seen the numbers...and for a whole campaign season and one before it, we've seen the corruption. If there were a shred of hope that Dr. Paul was going to be the nominee, I would have registered four months ago when I renewed my license - I truly do believe he is the best man and the most qualified of the three - BUT HE WILL NOT RECEIVE THE NOMINATION, and I'm done with two-party politics. Careful not to drink the Kool-Aid in Tampa.

Be seeing you.