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Comment: The Patriots vs. the Raiders

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The Patriots vs. the Raiders

I know analogies are imperfect but here is mine anyway. You have this game, sort of like football, but you score points by getting delegates. One league already has their winning team - the Panthers, even though their quarterback is ineligible. The other league is going to have a playoff real soon between the Patriots and the Raiders. The Patriots have one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, but they have been doing very badly lately mainly due to the bad calls from the refs (or should I say Reps?) There is some talk of stating instant replay (Lawyers for Ron Paul), but some people are saying it won't happen. The fans had really been supporting the delegates (even buying them pizza and much more), but now it seems like no one is thinkinf oe the big play off game! They are talking about next season, although there may be a strike and even less important things. Maybe we should do some more work with the coaches delegate plan. 1)We should work to get instant replay (L4RP).
2) Reach out to non Ron Paul delegates going to Tampa.
3) Get the important players (plans) out of physical therapy and onto the playing field (bump).
4) Get the fans cheering and pray for a few Hail Mary passes.
With something this important we should never give up until all options are over (Tampa).