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I am having an evolution into the Walter Block Anarcho Capitalist view, and I am intrigued in true economic reform that replaces the fraud based economic structure that we have now, that is unsustainable and exacerbates needs, serving the elite on the backs of everyone else.

Jack is personally invested in the lost paradigm that is on it's way out. Where we go from here has to start with non violent cooperation with each other, absent force, that can replace the current economic and sociopolitical model that is destroying the quality of life for everyone.

We can't solve 21st century problems with 20th century thinking, but we can look to how we were prosperous before and apply those lessons moving forward. The status quo is no longer relevant, because it cannot and is not designed to meet our needs. We have to replace it ourselves, one community at a time, and the first step is to withdraw our consent.

The next would be to find alternative ways to provide for each other locally, that does not require us to use the banking system, nor rely on government to acquire and maintain what we need to survive. A need is a right. A right is a need. If we have no unalienable rights to clean water, safety, respect for our property, then what is the point of having an armed criminal government to oppress us. We would do much better at the local level, providing for ourselves with mutual trade, co-opts, and the non aggression principle.