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I think RP had a plan but it fell apart

I think that his plan was to compete as he did for as many delegates as possible in states where delegates were chosen in conventions or caucuses - this allowed him to apply the full force of his energized base to get as many delegates as possible but the problem with this strategy is not only the binding issue it is the fact that more delegates are chosen at primaries with slates of delegates linked to candidates based upon the primary results. These are huge states like New York, California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin with large delegate allocations - the math just didn't allow Ron Paul's strategy to work if he couldn't do better on primary nights.

I believe that he was banking on Santorum and Gingrich hanging in there longer to compete against Romney in primary states - Santorum would have won Texas very easily for example - and thus hold Romney under 1144 delegates - then we would have had a brokered convention and the delegates won at the conventions and caucuses for RP would have been a powerful force. My question though is why did he continue to push his supporters to spend so much time and energy in chasing delegates when he knew after Santorum quit that the game was up.