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Colorado and Louisiana

I'm a little confused as to how we have "won" Colorado and Louisiana. The numbers don't seem to add up in our favor.
Colorado: There are 36 delegates in all - 13 have pledged to vote for Romney and 6 have pledged for Santorum. That leaves 17 "uncommitted" delegates, which includes 3 party leaders who will presumably vote for the establishment candidate (Romney). That means that even if all of the remaining uncommitted delegates vote for Paul, we would only have 14 to Romney's 16 - a darn close call, but just short.
Louisiana: Yes, I saw all 50 mins of the determined and commendable effort by the convention to translate Ron Paul support into delegates, but we were outmaneuvered and outgunned by the LAGOP establishment. There are 46 delegates coming from Louisiana. This is how the establishment divided them up: 10 for Santorum, 5 for Romney, and 1 for Paul, with 14 left uncommitted and 16 being chosen by the state's committee while the real delegates are petitioning for them to be given their seats. Now even if Ron Paul gets all of those 14 uncommitted delegates for a grand total of 15, he still falls behind Romney's 21. The state committee will surely only support delegates that have made an oath under pain of death to support Romney.

Can anybody please explain to me what I'm missing, because I truly hope that I'm wrong. And don't tell me that all delegates are unbound, or that Santorum's delegates will vote for Ron, because that's not something that we can or should risk everything on.