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You signed up now, just 2 hours ago to put your two cents in on Colorado and wondering about how accurate research is? I will believe their numbers over any media outlet. They are dedicated to giving accurate up to date counts as fast as possible. They do not have Nebraska's in yet, but I bet they are checking it twice.
No matter what, the delegates are protected by federal law in voting their conscience and is why the RNC legal council had to say so officially in their letter to Utah. Ron Paul IS still in this race and I will not give up, in fact I want to remind everyone to uphold your pledge to write in Paul's name in November if Romney does get the nomination. Do not forget TMOT:
We must send a clear message to the Republican Party. We must stand by our principles. We must not give up. The future of our country is at stake here. We vote for Ron Paul on every ballot at the convention, everyone. If Romney steals this nomination, we write Ron Paul's name in regardless. Do not forget our commitment in February:
Can we count on all of you?