Comment: Everything is Being Placed on the Table

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Everything is Being Placed on the Table


Another Story indicates Nevada Possibilities.


Oregon Delegates also need to join the law suit.

The vote in OREGON was 13 Ron Paul 10 Romney.

" Submitted by Andrew Jetton on Mon, 06/25/2012 - 11:05.

Daily Paul Permalink:

Paul: 13
Romney: 10
Santorum: 3
Gingrich: 1
(unclear: 1)

This is the tally for delegates with every CD reporting (it is the alternates that are going to be disputed because of the "adjournments." The plurality situation is still up in the air because of the Santorum/Gingrich "swing" delegates (and because the numbers may change if delegates don't show at Tampa, and need to be replaced by alternates)."

And view this article:

....Organize and take them.

These 13 delegates were duly elected.

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