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These are my two cents

#1. Abortion. There's a libertarian case to be made for abortion AND against abortion. Google it, and you'll find different libertarians (or Libertarians) giving their opinions on this issue. For me, this issue is not a make-or-break issue. Gary Johnson wants to leave this issue up to the state.
#2. Divorce. I don't see ANY politicians as a role model. I just want to be left alone. I don't know enough what problems his family had, and I don't know what circumstances they were in. But in my business life, I have quite a few divorced people that are generally good people. So I don't care if Joe Smith or Jane Smith is a divorcee running for an office.
#3. Gay marriage. I have a relative who is gay. For me to tell her that she cannot get married is totally wrong. I want her to live together with the right person (a he or a she) and I want her to be happy. I believe Ron Paul believes that the government should get out of the marriage business. Gary Johnson wants the government to recognize gay marriage due to many federal regulations dealing with marriage (income tax, inheritance tax, immigration, etc).