Comment: Ron did NOT write this

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Ron did NOT write this

Listen to the vocabulary, it's not his. Think back to the pace with which you read "The Revolution," and "End the Fed." You knew they were in his words, his thoughts spilling on the page. There were certain vocabulary words you eventually understood to be very Ron Paul-esq while others would never be uttered from his mouth.

Below is a reference to the Letter supposedly written by Ron. Doctor Paul would never every say 'game the system.

"There are many folks in the GOP who want my supporters to just shut up and go away, and they have resorted to every dirty trick in the book to game the system at various state conventions. You and I must ensure that as many of my supporters as possible are credentialed at the Republican National Convention.*

Go back and reread and you will know one thing for absolute certainty... That Ron Paul did not write this.