Comment: Confess Ian56: You're a troll here for Obama

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Confess Ian56: You're a troll here for Obama

Insults, name calling, and twisting words to appeal to the other side are not making your case against Shazad, but revealing your own concerns.

I am a Ron Paul REPUBLICAN and if Ron Paul does not win the nomination (because too many qualified delegates were not vetted/ credentialed, they were not chosen, which every party has the RIGHT to do), because I did what Ron Paul and his campaign asked ALL of us to do
1. join the GOP
2. become a credentialed delegate
3. get a seat on a GOP committee
(ALL THIS IS THE PLAN, ALWAYS HAS BEEN THE PLAN because RP and his campaign can press against the disenfranshizement of CREDENTIALED delegates, not those who only qualified)

The plan was NEVER to make a class action law suit asking a federal judge to dictate to a party, to break with their state and county by-laws, and threaten to place an armed FORCE against the people at their own event.

Judge Carter works for Obama, Gilbert never donated a dime to Ron Paul, and Ron Paul would NOT be appointing Gilbert as his VP.

Obama needs to get out, and if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, I'm voting for Romney because only Romney has the opportunity to out Obama, but more, empower the Ron Paul Republicans wha actually understood the PLAN and followed it.

Gilbert must enjoy making those who tried and failed into fools, to get in good with Obama for the next four years.