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Socialist nonsense. One does not have a right to things.

One has a right to take actions.

"Rights" are those actions which you have the sovereign authority to take.

Only you are responsible for you.

No one else is.

Thus it must be you who has authority to take those actions necessary to preserve your life and liberty.

It would be absurd and untenable for you to have the responsibility to act, but no power to take the action. It would be useless for someone else to have the power to act, but not need that power to fulfill any responsibility.

Thus it is proper, correct, or as we know it— "right" for you to take those actions.

That list of actions (which is not really a list, since it can never be finite) comprise your "rights."

You do NOT have a right to things. You have a right to acquire and use things to preserve your life and liberty in order to enjoy your life and liberty.

To claim a right to a thing, implies if you can't obtain it, that it must be given to you. This means others are responsible for you and thus you are incapable of providing for yourself. This makes those who provide for you, your slaves, or your master - take your pick. Either way, by claiming rights to things, you, by necessity, lose all liberty. You no longer need "rights" because you aren't responsible for yourself any more. It is no longer necessary for you to have authority to take those actions any longer. It is only right, correct, and proper for whomever is providing for you to have that authority.

A "right" is the authority to act.

You do not have rights because you have needs.

You have rights because YOU are the one responsible for fulfilling YOUR needs.