Comment: I LOVE it that more people are starting to THINK!

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I LOVE it that more people are starting to THINK!

I haven't been stopped for a traffic infraction in over 10 years but I'm constantly trying to think of something clever and thought provoking to say to the officer if/when I do get stopped.

My latest thoughts have been along these lines: You want to see my DL, registration, and proof of insurance? Well, officer, do you know how our president passes executive orders to "seal" documents that he does not want us to see? Well, I'm the president, CEO, and the ultimate authority in control of my individual documents.

Unfortunantly the documents that you requsted, while they may or may not exsist, are "sealed". I cannot show them to you because I have ruled that releasing them might endanger my individual Liberty and security.

I'd expect the officer will not let me operate my vehicle if I told him that, but I'd plan on locking up the car, asking the officer if I am free to go, and start walking while dialing a friend to come get me. As soon as the officer left the scene (hopefully not having my car towed...which he should not because I will never pull over in the road...I always go into the next large parking lot) I'd go get my ride and be on my way.

All your ideas are valid. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole you will find that just by merely using Federal Reserve Notes, you are
acquiescing to do commerce with the United States Corporation. There is of course the birth certificate, marraige liscense, DL, and damn near every other thing you must have or buy that as far as the legal mumbo jumbo goes...somehow is treated as your "knowledge" of willful commerce with the State and in turn you are agreeing to abide by the terms of whatever the hell the State says or does. It really is a big huge scam and a F'd up mess. It's so outlandish that I refused to beleive it for months but anyone that takes the time to do the research will find that what you have and large is in fact true.

All we need is enough people to educate themselves and stop being afraid of the State, the IRS, FICO scores, and summons. If some officer comes to your door with papers to sign...refuse to sign them. Tell the guy you do not choose to enter into a contract with anyone and close the door.

Here is a link to some FREE audiobooks. There is some spooner, mises, rothbard, schiff, and my personal favorite Dr Ron Paul.