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My best advice is to be nice, accept the ticket

but don't sign it. If the officer is a complete ass...and insists that you sign it just sign it with a line or check mark like doctors and CEO's do.

The next step depends on how much time you want to spend on the endeavor. If you plan on getting another it and show the court you did and if you do your homework and say the right things to the can have the ticket fee waived.

If you are not planning on getting the car registered you really need to do some research into the best way to "Travel" in your car. You can no longer "drive" once your liscense has been suspended but you area allowed to travel. Insurance, again, is tricky but can be handled if you know what NOT to say. prepared to walk. Unless you have damaged someone's property or injured someone, you have every right to park your car, lock it up and walk away. Unless you want to be charged with resisting need to try and maintain your cool. Your primary objective is to put an end to the encounter as soon as possible. Once you are back at your house, you can find lots of ways to delay the payment of the ticket and/or refuse to pay it.

There are a lot of people I know that can no longer afford car insurance. Which means the State suspends their liscense. If people start standing up for themselves we can begin to effect change.