Comment: As one of Jack Hunter's "ilk", may I respond?

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As one of Jack Hunter's "ilk", may I respond?

First of all I would encourage anyone who reads this post to also read Jack's essay in it's entirety. I think most people have already decided for themselves whether Ron Paul's Republican strategy (which Jack Hunter is endorsing) seems right to them.

It seems right to me.

Q. "When will we be allowed to be free?"
A. Never. You will never be "allowed" to be free. Like every patriot throughout history, you will have to EARN it. The political insiders don't WANT you to be free. Ron Paul, Jack Hunter, and I can't set you free because we are not enslaving you.

Q. "What are we to do for today? Just Hope for Change? Support those who work the system who may or may not be allowed to put forth legislation that would help others instead?"
A. Whatever YOU want.
A. No.
A. No. (And as far as I can tell that isn't what anyone is asking you to do.)

Q. "We have to continue to play ball with the political class... [until they] will permit us a fraction of the liberty and freedom that is our birthright?"
A. No. And if you think what we have been doing for the last four years in Iowa was "playing ball" then you are seriously misinformed.

OK, I might as well summarize the rest.
It appears that you think that political solutions are now impossible and that civil disobedience or armed revolution are the only reasonable options left to us.
You don't like Jack Hunter and his "ilk" (people like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Doug Wead, Tom Woods, Judge Nap and me) because we aren't so desperate that we want to burn our bridges and try to win our freedom through some type of dramatic Samson smash of the system.
(Sorry to put words in you mouth but you were a little vague about the specifics.)

But what if you are wrong?
What if we are all still here four years from now?
What if you convince enough of your fellow patriots to give up on retaking the GOP that OUR strategy fails from lack of support?
What if your tactics actually cause a backlash that causes a self-fulfilling prophecy?

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