Comment: A "birthright" and a "right" are not the same thing.

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A "birthright" and a "right" are not the same thing.

A birthright is a claim to property.

It is not a right.

A right cannot by its nature be a claim to property.

A right is the authority to act.

A claim to property is something entirely different.

The ability to use the natural elements to further your survival is a right. See the difference? I did not say you have a right to the things themselves. You have a right to take an action with them and use them. It is the action you have a right to, not the thing.

And this distinction, as I noted has a difference. Because if you ignore the distinction and confuse the right to take an action and use things, with a claim to the things themselves, then you end up in the absurd position of either commanding slaves, or being under a master, and in both cases, having no liberty at all.

You are misreading Paine.