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Political Power Play.

I used to like Gary Johnson until it started trying to steal Ron Paul's support away from him. I don't see Gary Johnson traveling around trying to spread the word of liberty. All I see is him trying to convert disgruntled Ron Paul supporters to his side in what appears to me to be a political power play to hijack the momentum that Ron Paul has created. If he were to have done this after the RNC it would have been fine with me, but to show up at the Texas State GOP Convention trying to convert Ron Paul delegates to his side and doing similar things at other Ron Paul events isn't very classy and is pretty disrespectful. Gary Johnson isn't the future of the liberty movement the way many people are trying to now prop him up as. I don't believe he has the conviction and strength to do what is needed the way Ron Paul does. I also don't agree with the fact that he supports "humanitarian war" the fair tax and in general isn't as loyal to the constitution as Ron Paul is. Even with those things said, I would have supported Gary Johnson if Ron Paul had officially dropped out of the race, but not anymore. BTW I don't think Ron Paul would ever try to take support away from another liberty minded candidate if the shoe were on the other foot.