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The legal ability; the muscle; the money?

Well, I'm not saying they won't TRY to force their will on you; that's a given. But if they do, are they willing to pay the price themselves?

Just for starters, look up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Now think about this for a moment if you will:

lets say some government bureaucrat sitting at his desk one day decides you are personally liable for breaking some internal statutory code/rule/regulation.

What does he do from there? Does he employee the State National Guard with Tanks and Helicopters to come to your house and MAKE you do something, or does he first send you a letter to give you an opportunity to comply or prove why you are not obligated to?

I'm not saying go to war with these folks; you don't have to go to war. When they send you a letter of noncompliance, you simply rebut with an affidavit. They will either go away or send you a reply, in which time you rebut again if they still have not met your criteria of proving jurisdiction.

Agree with thy adversary quickly; stay in honor of law; give them a chance to rebut your rebuttal. If they can't cough up an employment contract, do you really think they want you to show up in court where there will be lots of witnesses and case law to be established?

I doubt it.