Comment: contact information for lawyers for ron paul

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contact information for lawyers for ron paul

Go to, there you will find links to other sites as well, there were a lot of people (trolls) discouranging from joining their efforts, to the point that some groups and members disassociated themselves from the law suit effort so as not to interfeere with the process and stop those creating doubt from having a reason to instill mistrust among supporters. I think the other site is try either or google it if that's not the correct link, they are doing a lot of good and like I said if they can not accomplish a thing we will be in the same spot we are now, all they are trying to do at the moment is to stablish that the federal law stands and takes precedent over Party rules at the nomination process which is all delegates are unbound and free to vote their conscience in the first round, regardless who they pledge their vote to.