Comment: How CAN One Expect to Continue this Way?

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How CAN One Expect to Continue this Way?

How about that Social Security Number? I think it is time to get rid of it. If everyone would just do it all at once, we might have a chance. Otherwise I think we are fighting a loosing battle. There is another post on DP that says we are paying the Gov’t till mid July this year...certainly we the people could take care of each other with out the help of the Federal Government and that number to which we are attached. When are we going to wake up? I think the SSN is the link.

From what I understand roughly 35% of the population is paying the bill. 50 some odd % is on welfare and 15% or so on SS. Granted those who are on SS should get every time they paid. But really folks how can we expect to continue this way?

I have signed on in spirit to the 2013 Liberty Day Challenge to begin to look for competitive forms of money so we quit paying for our demise.

Perhaps together we can investigate and find a way to cut out this noncense.