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Mirroring Idaho

This mirrors the experience in Idaho with one small difference, in Idaho the liberty caucus was not even allowed in the committee that selected the delegates, and the state GOP rules gave 80% of the delegates and 80% of the alternates directly to the Romney campaign for nomination. So the State GOP only had 6 delegates and 6 alternates to select, but another state GOP rule says that the Chair, and each of the two national committee persons are automatic delegates. Which means we really only had 3 delegates and 6 alternates to select at the convention. And the nominating committee (hand picked by the state GOP chair) made sure that no one but a Romney purest was on the committee.

So when the slate came up for a vote at the main session, we had no choice but to let it go uncontested. We also controlled about 30-40% of the delegates. So not enough to change the decisions.

Our one consolation prize was the chairmanship which we were able to sway away from the big city campaign insider and to a rural GOP county chair.

State Secretary
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho
National Board Member At-Large
Republican Liberty Caucus