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I'm with you!!!

When my Son was in middle school the counselor called me to schedule a "sit down" with all his teachers. They all proceeded to tell me that my Son had ADD, was suicidal and needed to be put on medication immediately. I asked them which one of them went to college and was certified to make that assessment of my Son at which point his Language Arts (what use to be English) teacher said she knew because her Son also had ADD. I informed them that I would contact my Son's pediatrician and work from there.

I did so and the Pediatrician suggested a few sessions with a psychologist to just vet out the "suicide" assertion. The school insisted that I send them a copy of the psychologist's report..which I refused.

My Son is now an adult..never took medication for any type of mental issue and he is employed, happy, and as much as any of us..well adjusted.

Five years after that my Daughter was entering middle school. She brought home paperwork the first week of school concerning the issuing of lockers for students. Imagine my surprise and horror when as I read it I found a stipulation that says any female school faculty member can take my Daughter aside and give her a FULL cavity search if they suspect her of carrying contraband on her person as long as they have another female faculty member act as a witness!(I don't even have to be there..if they "can't reach me")
I'm shortening the details for the post..but that is the basic part.

Of course I amended this paper before I signed it, stating that if the school felt my Daughter was some how a danger to the other children or carrying something illegal then she is to be released into police custody. (I felt I'd have a better shot with the police not searching a minor without a parent present).
The Principle of the school called me after getting the paperwork back to inform me that I could not alter the paper in any way due to the school's lawyers drafting it that way. I informed him that any contract can be amended until agreed upon and if he wanted, we could sit down with the school lawyers and my own to hash it out.

They let it stand..and the following year when my youngest Son entered middle school I got a call from the Principle saying that he already knew I'd be amending the paperwork but that he just wanted to touch base to let me know that neither of my children would be bodily searched.

So really do have to read every stupid paper they send home..and question everything that your child does while in their guardianship.