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Good for you! Must-read for parents!

Thank you, Jan, for sharing your experience and for setting such a good example! It's shocking - all of it. Yes, you DO have to read every stupid paper they send home from school and question everything that your child does while at school in their guardianship.

While the issues you dealt with are more critical than curriculum issues, you have to read and question there, too! For example, if a permission slip comes home from 10th English class saying the assigned book "deals with some controversial issues," you might want to ask if that means your child will be reading (from the victim's POV) a graphic, sexually-explicit depiction of a girl getting raped by an adult male family member, followed by (from the perp's POV) his rationale of why he prefers sex with girls vs. boys, or women, or men, or animals.

Schools today are out of control. Parents: assert your and your children's rights!

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